Our Voyager Vacation with Kaylan Tours & Travel

Our Voyager Vacation with Kaylan Tours & Travel

The day began very early as we had booked for the 8am SGR to Mombasa, the kids were excited despite the early morning preparations, luckily Kaylan Tours had arranged for our transfers to the Nairobi terminus and as the clock hit 6am, the driver had arrived and off we were on our way to the terminus. We arrived right on time and within time we were all sitted on our sits on the Madaraka express, being the first time on the train for the kids, they were beyond excited to experience this new feeling.

6 hrs later, we arrived at the Mombasa terminus and as promised Kaylan Tours and travel had arranged for our hotel transfers from the terminus, the journey was a bit hectic due to the traffic jam, but luckily the vehicle had the AC on. We arrived at the hotel and we were all checked in and within a few minutes we had already changed into our swimming gears and headed to the swimming pool to cool of the Mombasa heat.

SGR train journey

Kaylan tours had arranged some activities for us as a family, whereby the next day we visited the fort Jesus and got to learn a lot about the landmark and the museum, the kids were excited by the stories they heard and later went back to the hotel to relax and had our lunch. In the afternoon, the kids were excited about going to the beach where we collected seashells and they built castles and of course swam in the ocean.

On the third day Kaylan tours surprised us with a yacht ride at the Marina, and because the kids couldn’t tag along, they were left behind at the kids club. We the parents enjoyed plenty at the yacht, the ocean breeze was blowing and the waters below us calm, this brought peace, it helped us bond even more, it was romantic, and it was one moment to die for and which will remain in our memories. We took photos, we sang and danced away, YES it was fun.

We were taken back to the hotel for lunch and later on met the kids who had endless stories about the kids club, and when evening came, we were graced with a beautiful acrobat’s event arranged by the hotel. Afterwards we danced the night away being our last night we made sure to enjoy it proper.

The next morning, although sad because we were leaving, but very happy that we experienced the vacation as a family all thanks to Kaylan tours, we checked out from the hotel, and we were taken to the SGR terminus and we bid Mombasa goodbye. For sure the memories we made and the time we spent there as a family will be forever cherished and all we can say is THANK YOU KAYLAN TOUR AND TRAVEL you guys delivered beyond our expectations. We will always book and travel with you guys.

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